29 Days until They’re Off!

The beauty of the latch sprung and thoroughbreds launching into a new race equals new beginnings, new life and an opportunity to afford dinner at Siros or the Wishing Well. Put them on the grass and the vibrancy of the silks add a dimension to the excitement. Nothing, nothing rivals Saratoga racing.


Posted on June 24, 2010, in Thoroughbred racing. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I was wondering what is so special about saratoga – it sounds beautiful….maybe you could share a little bit more ? 😉

    • Patrick J. Kerrison

      Rich with tradition, the past comes into being at Saratoga unlike any place I have ever been, or heard of. To leave the highway, take one turn, and find yourself in the early 19th century is like an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel or Damon Runyon story coming to life.

      For six weeks a year the town assembles and races the fastest and most powerful thoroughbreds in the nation.

      It is adorned with flowers and complimented with the lovliest Victorian homes from the Gilded Age.

      And here is one more thing that makes Saratoga so special … She readily welcomes the infinitely wealthy as she does the desperately poor, and knows no prejudices of either. Regardless of social or financial status, everyone can appreciate her irreplaceable beauty and walk away recognizing there is no other place like her on hearth.

  2. It sounds beautiful…..if you could pick only one thing/place in saratoga as your favorite, what would it be?

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