There has Been Much Ado About … Saratoga, Indeed

Since July 19th I have been blogging on, a guide to Saratoga Springs, NY and Saratoga County.  It has been a look back at some of the great stories and characters of old.

much-ado header

My Blog on

The track’s very first opening day, Jim Dandy’s win over Gallant Fox, and a look back at the notorious Arnold Rothstein.

It has included a two-part series called Fists vs. Wits where I tell of the lives of John Morrissey and Richard Canfield.

I have also talked of more current issues, like the lack of steeplechase racing as well as a short story called “Jockey.”

me and stacy

Stacy and I in the Paddock at Saratoga Race Course

Selfishly I have written about my own current trip(s) to The Spa, fulfilling childhood dreams through the kindness and love of an amazing woman…who just happens to be a part-owner of a NY bred looking to break his maiden.  Plus, the opportunity to relive it all over again on Sunday.

These pages, henceforth, will focus on the current racing scene as they must differentiate from my blog on

I hope you’ll visit that blog during the Saratoga race meet and check back here often as well.

I have enabled readers the opportunity to subscribe, on the left sidebar, just under the calendar.

I hope to see you soon.


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