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Fell Off the Paleo Wagon

Each day we get an email offering encouragement and support for our Paleo lifestyle.  Yesterday was Day 22 of the Whole 30 and that day’s email brought a world of guilt with it, and then kindly levied it upon my shoulders.

It read:

“You’ve almost made it, and from here, you can see the finish line. Some of the magic should be happening for you now. We’re hoping sleep and energy levels have both improved, your body is changing shape before your very eyes, and your mood is steady and happy.”

Well, on Sunday night the Whole 30 didn’t happen.

Stace and I had a meal made for us by good friends, one of which is an amazing chef, to celebrate our engagement.

Mark also hosts cooking classes that are customized to individual groups.  He creates an amazing menu using seasonal ingredients, and focuses on essential core techniques.  If you want to see a gorgeous selection of his work visit his page Dine Out In.

We started as many celebrations do: with champagne.  Then it was time for the starter course which was spinach and arugula, with a light vinaigrette, goat cheese (not paleo), beets and a small handful of homemade garlic croutons (not paleo).  I really wish I had taken a picture of what it looked like.  It was a great looking presentation.  I had three servings of the salad.  I never had goat cheese before, and am not a huge fan of beets.  Well, that changed completely Sunday night.  As Mark said, goat cheese and beets go together like peas and carrots and Forrest and Jenny.

photo 1For the entrée he busted out the thickest pork chops I’ve ever seen and grilled them.  Prior to doing so, however, he had them in a marinade to avoid them drying out as large pork chops tend to do.  They were grilled perfectly.  On top there was a charred tomato onion relish made with cherry tomatoes, Vidalia onion, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and a basil leaf.

Alongside was his crispy smashed potatoes.  A potato the size of a fist is boiled until they are fork tender.  Carefully smashed they’re then roasted in the oven under a light smattering of olive oil on top and below the spud.  Once crispy on the top and bottom, you put a small dollop of sour cream (not paleo) on top and some chives.  It was perfection.  He made enough for each of us to have more than one.  I indulged.  I had two with the smallest of paleo consolations coming with the recent acknowledgement that white potatoes are now Paleo-friendly.

Then there was dessert.  Oh dear god, the dessert.  Neither Stace nor I had any notion of having any sweets after our meal.  The wine, we figured, had more than enough sugar for a daily intake when we are supposed to be in-taking zero.  In fact, we told them prior to the evening – and prior to our salad – we would have to pass on dessert.

Mark pretty much dismissed our “resolve” because he clearly knew something we didn’t.  Look at the picture and you’ll know what he knew, before we knew it. photo 2

He made grilled peaches with a sauce made of melted butter (not paleo), cinnamon, almonds, and honey with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (not paleo).

Lest I forget to mention the four or five bottles of wine…maybe more.  Not sure.  Stacy was driving so I drank.

And that is how I fell off the Paleo wagon for a meal.

Truth is I don’t have any regrets.  Everything was so amazing from it’s presentation to it’s taste and all points in-between.  Everything was so beautifully prepared, trumped only by the great company we kept with the DeCola family, it was absolute perfection.

Back at it starting yesterday (Monday), though, but I think I am going through sugar withdrawals….or I’m just slightly hungover…either way, it was well worth it and we are both so very grateful to Mark & Evy for an incredible engagement celebration.

Grazie e saluto!

Italy & Dean Martin

Day 1 of The Whole 30

I can’t say I’m going to post every day during this, but I will post most.

This is my second serious commitment to The Whole 30 and if I do as well as the first time, I will be very happy.

But to be honest, day one this time around was a struggle. I really don’t like coming home after working and not having my glass of wine and by “glass” I mean a couple of them.

But, it’s pretty simple math. Drink wine don’t lose weight and fail in my Whole 30 program. Don’t drink and good things will happen. Pretty simple if you were to ask me.

So, for a month I suck it up.

I trust, when it comes to food, I won’t worry because I have been so good about eating food that is (for lack of a better phrase) Paleo friendly. The sugar withdrawals might be a bit of a challenge, I suspect.

But, anything worth having is worth working for. A healthy heart, mind and body is what I want. The hard work to get there continues.