My First Book – Saratoga: One Idiot’s Journey to the Winner’s Circle

Previously posted on August 28, 2012


So here’s the thing.  I just finished the book and finding something more to say about it right now would be hard.  So I will offer this:

Saratoga: One Idiot’s Journey to the Winner’s Circle is a love story.  It is a lighthearted, self-depricating story about a guy whose passion has been, is and likely will always be Thoroughbred horse racing in Saratoga Springs, NY.

After several failed relationships the kindest, sweetest person I ever met entered my life at a time in which I had no inkling I would involve myself again with someone for some time.

Turns out we had everything in common AND she owned a New York bred Thoroughbred.

Little did I know she was about to make all of my dreams come true, including the one I had as a child that I thought would forever be out of reach.

Paperback is available at but if you are an eReader then you can get it for $2.99 at, and the iBookstore.

I will likely use these pages in the future to blog posts about horse racing, updates on Runaway Jim (the aforementioned New York bred) and what ever comes up.  Feel free to check back when it suits you.

I hope you buy a copy of Saratoga: One Idiot’s Journey to the Winner’s Circle, and if you do, it is my sincerest hope you enjoy it … and have a few laughs at one well meaning idiot’s expense.


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