Day 1 of The Whole 30

I can’t say I’m going to post every day during this, but I will post most.

This is my second serious commitment to The Whole 30 and if I do as well as the first time, I will be very happy.

But to be honest, day one this time around was a struggle. I really don’t like coming home after working and not having my glass of wine and by “glass” I mean a couple of them.

But, it’s pretty simple math. Drink wine don’t lose weight and fail in my Whole 30 program. Don’t drink and good things will happen. Pretty simple if you were to ask me.

So, for a month I suck it up.

I trust, when it comes to food, I won’t worry because I have been so good about eating food that is (for lack of a better phrase) Paleo friendly. The sugar withdrawals might be a bit of a challenge, I suspect.

But, anything worth having is worth working for. A healthy heart, mind and body is what I want. The hard work to get there continues.


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  1. You can do it. It’s worth the effort.

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