P-Day 2: Lisfranc & His Sprains Need to Get Lost!

f8622279a554cd8ccf044636ac848c09Apparently we are not supposed to be too concerned with numbers when doing the Whole 30. Weigh and measure yourself on Day 1 and don’t think about it again until the 30 is complete.

What is supposed to matter most are our long term health goals. For the most part, I agree. No more Blood Pressure meds equals Goal #1

Since going Paleo January 2 my doctor has removed the cholesterol meds and knocked my BP meds down a notch. That alone is incentive for me.

But to not be cognizant of my numbers on a regular basis is not something I see happening and here’s why.

For the past month or so I’ve been nursing a Lisfranc Sprain which has kept me off my feet. I rely on the 20 hours a week I work at Home Depot spent on my feet, moving at all times, lifting things and actually being mobile. It helps keep the weight down.

Well, five weeks off my feet and I’ve put on weight. Partly due to the sprain. Partly because I believe breathing between bites is wasted time. Happy to report I need not butter my hips to get through a door, but if I’m being honest I see less of my feet today than I did five weeks ago.

So when I stepped on the scale and used the tape measure on Monday morning, I was concerned.

I learned today I have two and a half more weeks with this boot on my foot and light duty at HD. Ugh. So the only way I will be getting healthy is eating right with some limited forms of exercise.

Food intake today is the same as yesterday with a little sausage and onions left over from last night added to my egg frittata. Planning ahead is great because you need not worry about having the right meals ready. Down side is you’re having much of the same meals three or four days in a row. For some that can be an issue. For me it isn’t. Food, at this point, is fuel. But it needs to be good fuel because there’s no cardio exercise.


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