One Week Down …

Well, what a pain in the ass that weekend was.  I was “good” all weekend and didn’t violate the Whole30 criteria.  No candy.  No wine.  Although I should be proud of myself, I’m not.  I’m more angry that it was as difficult as it was.

Cool windy nights, nestled at home with my girl, binge watching American Horror Story – Coven the only thing it was missing was wine.  If ever there was a weekend that cried for Carmenere, or I pined for a Pinot Noir or bellowed for a Beaujolais it was this weekend.  Somehow, someway – and I truly don’t know how – I didn’t have any.

Problem is, I was an ass to be around yesterday.  Ask Stace.  She’ll tell you and she wouldn’t be wrong.  I was tired and frustrated that I can’t have what I want, when I want it.  I was a spoiled little brat and that is the part that frustrates me, that gets me angry.  It isn’t that I can’t have wine or candy or snacks … I can do what I please.  What frustrates the hell out of me is that it is DIFFICULT TO SAY NO!

It shouldn’t be this difficult to say no.

My “What to Expect” emails for the Whole30 tell me that at some point between Sunday through Thursday “the magic” ought to kick in.  Things like:

  •     Energy is ramping up and becoming more consistent over the course of the day.
  •     Symptoms like allergies, skin issues, digestive distress, and stress are gradually improving.
  •     Mood swings, a short attention span, and crankiness are starting to be a thing of the past.
  •     You’re strangely…happy.

I still think I’d be happier with a nice Cabernet, but I get it.  We will see, and I’ll keep posting.

By the way, I did break the rule of not to weigh myself.  And although I’m not displeased with the result, I found in today’s “What to Expect” email there is an article about how the scale is not our friend and gives us five reasons to break our relationship with it.  Don’t see it happening but I’ll review it and post tomorrow.

Until then…

Whole30 - Day 7 Success offers me their congratulations for making it a week.


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