Three Weeks Down …

Three weeks down and I have long term goals and successes on my mind.  I have the mindset that I want this to continue in a 90/10 phase once my Whole30 is complete, and a bi-monthly Whole9 and/or Whole15 is not out of the question.

I absolutely love the way I am feeling and want it to continue.
There is no question that the 30 day commitment is a hard one.  Just this Saturday I slipped a bit and had 1 1/2 glasses of Passimento.  It was so good (this wine always is) and I have no guilt, but 30 days is tough.  It is more realistic for me to get excited (and stay excited) about a Whole9 and Whole15.  Besides, once a few of those are under my belt and I can once again SEE my belt, then I will want to challenge myself with another Whole30.

So, what’s the latest and greatest about the Whole30 for me?  I’m not always hungry anymore!

Now I eat because I need to have protein and fruit and vegetables in my system.  I crave good food.  That is SO COOL, man.  This is not the norm for me, but it’s important to me that it becomes the norm.

Now when I am eating, I do so slower and don’t always have a need to clean the plate.  I eat until I am no longer hungry as opposed to when I am full.  For me, that’s huge!

It’s important because I have a habit of always wanting to eat. Most of the time it was food I shouldn’t.  “Foods” filled with chemicals and ingredients I can’t pronounce.  So enjoying the fact that I am no longer hungry instead of eating until I am full feels so much better.

I think what people don’t seem to realize with Paleo  –  and I wish more would  –  is that you don’t have to starve yourself. It is not a diet. It’s a chosen lifestyle. You can eat.  You are encouraged to eat.  But you are not supposed to eat processed foods.  It’s choosing to not have digestive problems. It’s choosing to love yourself enough to be healthy. It’s choosing to eat good food.  It’s choosing to sleep more soundly.  It’s choosing to have more energy.  It’s choosing a healthier mind over a sluggish one.

With Thanksgiving a week and a half away I am excited to indulge a little in foods I do not normally have.  But the I am excited about it and not scared because I KNOW it will be done in moderation.  There’s no reason not to try everything, but there are a million reasons not to be a glutton.  I worked too hard to throw it away and I feel great knowing that I can trust myself not to.


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