Whole30 – Blown to Bits

Getting difficult news can throw a person straight off the rails of any structured routine/diet.  This weekend, when it happened to me, I was no different.

Bad news came on Thursday, increased by a factor of 10 on Friday, and I just said f*** it all.  As a result

–  Friday night I went out to dinner and had glazed ribs and split a bottle of wine with my girl.
–  Saturday night while having dinner at friends I put a way a bottle of wine over a four hour period (all foods were Whole30).
–  Sunday, over the course of the day and night, another bottle.  I also ate sesame chicken which was breaded and caked in some sauce that probably had far too much sugar in it.2014-11-24 11_31_45-Whole30_NO.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 600 pixels)

Whole30 devotees might shake their heads …. but as humans I’m sure they’d probably understand too.  So, not only did I not go Whole30 but I had multiple meals with wine (not Paleo) and two meals with sugar.

And just because I figured I threw it all away with only a few days left, I said to hell with it one more time…and weighed myself.  I know.  I know.  But, I did and that’s that.

The number was good.  It went slightly below my target weight so that’s good news, but even with some major victories over the course of the past four weeks, this weekend really was a kick in the teeth.

Tuesday is Day 30.  I won’t “celebrate” a Whole30 victory because it was not earned.  But at least I am better prepared for my next whole 30 …. or Whole15.

The journey continues….


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  1. Kristen Mawdsley

    You are human, and a fantastic one…those 3 days aren’t a reflection of anything. You acknowledging the slip and vowing to do better says more about how rad you are. Big love old friend!

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