30 Days Complete

My third attempt this year at a Whole30 is complete. First one was fully successful. The second one I crashed and burned after a week and a half and the third one – with the exception of a few slip-ups – was a very positive experience.

The first couple of weeks were very hard because I missed chips and crackers and wine. Since those cravings finally dissipated, I found alternative Foods that I can eat in their place. Foods which, I find, are more satisfying physically and much more agreeable to my digestive system. Things like baked sweet potato fries and chips.

I am so glad I made the attempt at another Whole30 even though I had a few hiccups along the way. I would say, in addition to the weight loss, the fact that my stomach has been sending me thank you notes for the last 15 days was reason enough to do the Whole30 in the first place.

I know, come the new year, I will do another Whole30, or at the very least a Whole15.

In the interim, I’m certain I will be very conscious of all I eat and maintain a predominantly Paleo lifestyle.

I think the Whole30 is awesome when your body needs a little bit of a shock to its system and something of a wake up call.

I like the idea of a Whole15 because you are being well disciplined and reminding yourself of all the things we need to do in order to maintain good health, but not having to go and entire month.

But above all, My biggest goal of all is to get off of blood pressure medication. And this is leading me in the right direction.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I saw a number I was happy with. In fact I moved the scale around in the bathroom and stepped on it two more times just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.

I still have plenty more goals in front of me: I wouldn’t mind getting the weight down a little bit more. Maybe try and shed another 15 to 20 pounds. I want to go to the gym and start lifting weights again, and I want to start running. Just as soon as the doctor clears me from my Lisfranc sprain then I can get back to working out.

This Paleo journey will continue for quite some time.

And until next time, I wish all of you reading this a very happy Thanksgiving.

– Patrick


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