Monthly Archives: December 2014

Patrick Went Bananas over Mary’s Gone Crackers

Wow, what a hangover.

I had no idea a few days of little indulgences would have this kind of affect on me.

Thursday through Sunday, after getting the better part of a Whole30 done, I allowed myself foods and drink I may not ordinarily have.

I had cheese and crackers and wine. I had some small portions of desserts. I had far too many chocolate covered cranberries with my Passimento wine. On Friday I had a coffee from Starbucks. On Saturday after work I finished a bottle of wine over the course of the night. On Sunday, a few more glasses and dare I say Patrick went bananas for two bags Mary’s Gone Crackers. TWO!

I think I may have an addiction to them. They’re so, so good.

But they are not Paleo. They are organic and gluten-free, and that’s good. But they’re not paleo.

Overall, it’s all OK though because I knew I would have fun this weekend. I planned on eating a little to much. I planned on drinking a little too much. I don’t do it often and since it was a holiday weekend, I allowed myself to do so.

But today I am starting a Whole15*.

Why the *? Because on December 5 I am having dinner with a bevy of idiots – all dear friends since we were five years old; and the following Friday is my fiance’s work Christmas party.

I will stay steadfast when it comes to the food and not eat anything bad; it will be Whole15/30 friendly. However, I will tell the world here and now I will have two glasses of wine each night.

As for today, and after these past four days, I feel like I got run over by a truck. Sluggish, tired, a headache since I woke up.

This feelin’ like crap stuff is for the birds. Time for Paleo to continue.