A Great Debut by Jess’s Dream

Larry Collmus called it, and he nailed it.  How great it was to watch Jess’s Dream “become a reality.”

Racing 14 lengths behind the leader heading into the first turn, I felt a little weary that maybe the colt wasn’t ready for the races.  Silly me.  I should have known better.  Kiaran McLaughlin is so much smarter than that.  There is no way Jess’s Dream would have run if he wasn’t sound and ready.  Because of an injury during training, McLaughlin had already waited a year to get him to run.  That momentary lapse of reasoning on my part, feeling weary, was dismissed with a quick shake of the head.

But, wow, he sure was far back.

As the field of seven made their way up the Saratoga backstretch, he remained a dozen or more lengths behind.  Not only was he not in the picture, Trakus didn’t even post his number on the screen.   If it weren’t for Collmus letting us know where he was positioned, we never would have known he was in the race.

According to a Blood Horse article posted yesterday, jockey John Velazquez said:

“I broke today and left him alone until he was ready.  At the half-mile pole I started getting after him and he started catching up to horses. Once he caught up to the group, he knew it was time to run.”

Run, he did.  Jess’s Dream responded in a way his parents would be proud.  Swinging into (approximately) the seven path at the head of the lane, he chipped away at his foes, passing them one by one.

This son of dual champions was terrifically impressive.  What an absolute joy to watch, and one of the biggest reasons why I love this game.  See for yourself.  Here is NYRA’s replay from their YouTube page.


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