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It Was Great, Until …

imagesTo begin with, I am grateful to for the complimentary copy of Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall.

As a big fan of the show Fargo, I was delighted to have been approved for a free copy and all I have to do is write a review afterwards.  However – and it is important to note this writing does CONTAIN SPOILERS – that they may not be overly thrilled with the review.

I admit I went back and forth from reading the book to the Audible narration.  I have been doing this with books for about six months now and am a big fan of it.  I don’t have to leave my book off to the side when driving, or walking the pup, or most anything.  The story comes with me.

The writing was terrific.  It really was.  Hawley gives layer after layer on the main characters very well; he gives us ample reasons to root for some and turn our nose up at others.  He did the most important thing you can do with characters:  he made them easy to relate to and understandable human beings.

Equally as wonderful was the narrator.  Great voice; kept me engaged with his cadence of speech and, overall, did a great job.

The story itself was intriguing as well.  Immediately the plane goes down.  We learn who was on it and why.  We learn the back ground of all of them and there are several avenues this journey can take.

This is where I believe the story ran out of gas.

The ending, to me, was weak.  It was as if the reasoning for the crash was the easy way out.  It wasn’t clever or gripping like much of the character story-lines were.  It just made me feel flattened after investing the time in reading it.

Would I read another book by Hawley should he write one?  Absolutely.  So much of Before the Fall was a great read.  But again, the ending, just fell flat.  I expected more.  I felt like I was set up for more, and then didn’t get it.  That was a little frustrating for me.  OK, more than a little frustrating.  It was darned aggravating.

That said, I really am looking forward to another season of Fargo.